Our communities benefit from your help!

Why Sponsor Project HOPE?

Today, there is a strong focus on the next generation. Our CDC is reaching out to help parents struggling to acquire proper tools for learning for their children. We also provide career develpment and professional networking opportunities for millennials.

As a sponsor for Project HOPE, you will be providing the funds necessary to ensure parents will be able to purchase the learning tools necessary for their children to have a quality education.

Also, it will allow Project HOPE to establish a productive professional relationship between young millennial professionals and career business leaders in the community. This can be done through hosting networking professional workshops.

How Will My Sponsorship Funds Be Utilized?


Sponsorship funds help Project HOPE remain a non-dues organization. As sponsorship and the need for parent assistance grow, a need for greater diversity of training develops and networking opportunities arise. Sponsorship funds will ensure that we can continue providing educational tools, quality training, and professional networking.


Why is Your Sponsorship Important?


Sponsorships help grow awareness 

Sponsorships build good will



Sponsorship Levels

Platinum/ $1000

Logo placement on website for one year and much more!

Gold/ $500

Logo placement on website for six months and much more!

Silver/ $250

Logo placement on website for three months and much more!

Bronze/ $100

Listing on programs and much more!

Patron/ $1-$99

Sponsorships Can Be Ongoing

Want to become a sponsor? Contact us today to find out how you can help!